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Fiona Graham


Born in Glasgow in 1970, I started painting at an early age and after attending a night school course in life drawing at Glasgow School of Art went on to study History of Art at St Andrews University. After completing a business start up course in Glasgow I began painting professionally full time.

Years of living in a vibrant city like Glasgow has had a huge influence on my work, very much a case of painting what I know and love. The people, the buildings and the inescapable weather are my inspiration and I'm always interested in the contrast between the grandeur and the grittiness within the city, the changing seasons and moods, the recognisable views versus the hidden gems, nooks and crannies, the
lost past and the fast disappearing architecture. In an ever changing cityscape I can always find a new challenge to paint and try to look for beauty in the everyday, overlooked and ignored aspects of city life.

In contrast to city subjects, family ties and happy childhood memories have given me a great affection for the East coast of Scotland and I enjoy trying to capture the unique light and sense of space of the coastline and again I'm drawn to buildings, people and their history and traditions.

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