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Kathy Burns

Jewellery and Textiles

I began making silver jewellery ink 2004. Having always been a crafty type, I had saved up for an evening class silversmithing. After one class I was hooked, I saved up, bought tools and bits of silver whenever I could afford it, and so over time I have been hammering away, building on my skills and developing my own style inbetween bringing up my family and working various daytime job.

I live and work in the picturesque village of Dunkeld in Highland Perthshire. Nestled on the banks of the River Tay, in the shadow of the craggy hills formed by the Highland fault line, it is an area brimming with creativity. From my workshop window, I look out above the village to the hills to the North, the rock faces and trees, the shadows and textures ever changing in the varied and unpredictable weather we experience.
This is the inspiration I draw upon every time I pick up my tools. My pieces are all about the texture, I try to reflect the shadows and shapes of the trees, the ripples of the water, the layers of the landscape, and to create depth and variety in all of my work.

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