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Paul Pacey


Born 1961, Paul hails from Derbyshire, England and formerly trained as a chartered surveyor but began painting seriously in 2000 and since 2003 has painted full time. Originally, Derbyshire landscapes provided the inspiration, but after moving the family to Scotland in 2004 Paul has concentrated on Scottish subjects.

'I am a self taught artist, I like to work out solutions for myself, that way produces a unique style. I cannot fail to be inspired by all that Scotland has to offer, hills, glens, streams, lochs, coasts and cities. Changing seasons and weather. It's the light, particularly at each end of the day. I try to capture the atmospheric glow of the low sun. I like to convey the feeling of space around subjects, and to keep colours clean and vivid especially the warm hues of autumn when the landscape comes alive.'

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