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Peter Nardini


Peter Nardini is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art where he won the Cargil Award. He has been awarded The Amsterdam Residency by the Scottish Arts Council, The Paisley Art Institute award, The Ann Redpath Award by the Scottish Society of Artists among many others.

The artist is a regular exhibitor in the RGI, Glasgow; RSA, SAAC, Edinburgh; Paisley Art Institute. Peter was commissioned to do a painting of Scottish ballet and his painting Rehearsal is on permanent display in the Gibson Room, Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

The artist works with acrylic paint using a dry brush, which gives a pastel-like quality to his work and allows him to build up the surface texture. Having always been intrigued by the impact of light emerging from darkness this awareness features in both his landscape and figurative work.

Most of his recent paintings have resulted from regular trips to Southern California, in particular the extensive beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, as well as trips to Tuscany, Umbria and Venice in Italy. The stark contrast of bright sunlight and strong shadows provide an excellent backdrop for these paintings.

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