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Autumn Mist over The Sisters

Autumn Mist over The Sisters

Acrylic on canvas 40x40cm £455

Snow Dragon over Schiehallion

Snow Dragon over Schiehallion

Acrylic on canvas 40x40cm £455

Red Evening Light over Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan

Red Evening Light over Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan

Acrylic on canvas 60x30cm £495

Warm Autumn Light at Calgary Bay

Warm Autumn Light at Calgary Bay

Acrylic on canvas 60x30cm £495


Born in Dundee 1961, I have worked at a variety of jobs, including 15years as a

nurse, before turning my attentions more seriously to art.

I graduated at Duncan of Jordonstone 2000, in Fine Art Printmaking and produced a

series of successful work inspired by ancient rock art and Celtic history. As a direct

result of this work I was awarded the Angus Council Commission and stayed on at

Art College for another year on a work placement.

I also won the John C Low scholarship in 1998, to go to Canada on a student

exchange, and while I was there I was amazed by the beauty of the Canadian

landscape and similarities to Scotland’s.

After college I was involved in a number of art projects and workshops with adults

and children of all ages, as well as working three years in schools with children with

special needs. I also spent three fabulous years at Dundee College as an art tutor with

the children’s Arts and Crafts class, but in 2008 I decided it was time to concentrate

fully on my own work.

I paint mostly in acrylics and mainly Scottish landscape but I have also been drawn to

paint the Canadian Rockies because to me, looking at them is like looking at the

mountains of Scotland, but on a giant scale.

Inspired by the colours, textures, patterns and a pure love of Scotland and it’s natural

beauty, I try to capture the ethereal and ever-changing light and atmosphere of the


I paint flat using palette knives, hake brushes and at times, just my fingers. I try to

bring energy and movement into the work, and by building up layers of paint that

sometimes makes for a textural surface, and then the magic begins and the painting

starts to emerge, and sometimes it is like the painting has almost painted itself

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