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I create my artwork with wool tops using the technique called ‘needle felting’.  Needle felting is the act of binding wool fibres to a base fabric by repeatedly stabbing the two.  The needle used has tiny barbs running up it, these barbs push a small amount of the fibre through the fabric resulting in them attaching together.

Painting with wool is how I describe my work which is often mistaken for traditionally painted pictures.  It’s only when the observer is really close to a piece or I have explained, that they then see the texture of the fibres and often comment on the extra depth that the fibres give to the picture.

I live in the Highlands of Scotland in a small village at the entrance to Glen Affric.  My work is very much inspired by my surroundings, the mountains, glens, bothys, highland cattle and other wildlife that I see each day are my main source of inspiration.  

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