Richard wiatrek

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The Admirer

The Admirer

Oil on canvas 30"x36" £3500

The Prisoner

The Prisoner

Oil on canvas 24"x24" £2500

The Fountain

The Fountain

Oil on canvas 36"x29" £3500

The Old Hand

The Old Hand

Oil on board 12"x9" SOLD


My work has evolved from early art college figurative painting through abstraction in the seventies and, from the late seventies, back to the figurative.

Abstract/non objective painting taught me much about space and shape and the delicate balance between them. Hopefully my painting still retains the stillness that comes from that balance.

I combine ordinary people with ordinary and imaginary scapes to create work which I hope makes the viewer think and dream.

For me each work has specific and vague meanings which arise from its conception and the process of its making.

The title I give to each painting can help point the viewer in at least one direction but should not always be taken too literally.

I consider myself to be a 'symbolist' in that the figures and objects portrayed often have more than one significance.

Always I hope that my work pleases the eye but also stimulates the mind.

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