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As it Happens

Summer 2023 Exhibition: From 24th June

Our summer exhibition showcases a remarkable collection of artworks by our talented artists who excel in seascapes, mixed media, and still life compositions. It is a celebration of the present moment, where art unfolds before your eyes, capturing the essence of summer through diverse artistic perspectives. Be part of this unique exhibition at Atholl Gallery this summer and experience art that reflects the world as it happens.

Paintings may be reserved for pre-sale. Please contact the gallery for details.

Rachel Marshall

Born in Sheffield in 1970, Rachel came to Edinburgh in 2004 and lives happily in North Berwick with her family and two rescue dogs. After graduating from Kingston University with a degree in illustration followed by a PGCE from The London Institute Of Education, she spent eighteen years as a full time teacher of art in London, Derbyshire and Edinburgh, before taking a career break to raise her family. It was then that Rachel developed a simplistic style, using emulsion and acrylic, bringing to life the drawings and notes she makes in her many sketchbooks. Her work in this flat, illustrative style is inspired by a love of observing life as it happens, (sometimes with a bit of added imagination). Usually on board and wooden panel, Rachel’s work captures life in East Lothian, the scenes and snippets that make her smile, the simplicity of daily routine, and the familiar sights we see at a glance, and might recognise. Most of all, Rachel’s love of the coast and canines, in this beautiful part of Scotland, inspire all of her work, from acrylics on giant canvases, to scribbles on coffee shop napkins. Rachel has recently taken part in the Big Hare Trail with ten other artists from Edinburgh and the Lothians. Her swimming hare, aptly named ‘Wild Thing’ helped to raise thousands of pounds for Leuchie House Respite Breaks Scotland. Rachel says that her love of living near the sea, inspires her to create, every single day of the year.

Iain Gordon

Iain Gordon, based in Eaglesham, is a keen fly fisher which takes him all over Scotland discovering ‘off the beaten track’ hill lochs and different views of mountains and glens that are usually not seen by others. Iain paints freely with no restriction of colour, shape or form, his brushwork transforming life into beautiful art. Iain regularly exhibits at various galleries across the country as well as group exhibitions and large events including the Paisley Art Institute (PAI).

Nicola McBride

Originally from Dundee, Nicola McBride now works from her studio in Perth. She graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, with a BA Honours degree in drawing and painting and has exhibited a range of work in galleries across the UK and in France. Fascinated by brands, iconic imagery and graphics, she taps into the visual appeal of everyday packaging, advertising and art. She works with BIC biro pens to achieve an intense vibrancy of colour and realistic finish.

Fee Dickson Reid

Fee Dickson Reid creates expressive, atmospheric large-scale seascapes filled with a sense of calm and peace. Her work is about the solace of the sea, the light filled skies above the local beaches, reflections on sand and water. Fee aims to find the ‘still point in a turning world’, to anchor the viewer to a place and a state of mind that is about tranquility and connection to the natural world. Fee's background is in in Architecture, having graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1996 with a 1st class degree and a joint best in year prize. Painting however had always been her passion, and she left architecture in 2009 to develop her art. By 2015 Fee was bringing up two babies and beginning to exhibit and sell professionally on a regular basis. Her main focus for the last decade has been oils, however she also works in other media, particularly watercolours, and was awarded the Watermark award by The RSW in 2018, and invited to travel to Fabriano as part of the Scottish delegation to the Fabrainoin Acquarello International Watercolour conference in 2019.

Clare Rennie

Clare Rennie uses mixed media techniques to evoke a memory of time and place in her work. The faded grandeur of the peeling facades of Venetian palaces, revealing their echoing stories layer by layer, a glimpse into another life and time. Vintage mannequins discovered in a long forgotten Parisian atelier. Victorian architecture and ornate details from Classical, Byzantine and Venetian Gothic styles sit alongside the more natural forms of shells, plants and birds. Fragments from handwritten letters, poetry and vintage wallpaper are incorporated into the collaged backgrounds of her paintings, creating surface textures which suggest the patina of age and which hint at the ethereal. Clare graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 1996 with an honours degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design, with a Support Study in Printmaking. She worked as a designer and maker for a number of years, both freelance and for larger design companies. Her jewellery has been exhibited across the UK at venues including the Business Design Centre in Islington, the Barbican Centre London and the National Museum of Scotland. Throughout this time she continued to exhibit the prints and collages she began as part of her degree, and since 2001 she has combined a career in art education with the development of her own paintings. Over the last 10 years she has exhibited regularly throughout Scotland, both in smaller galleries and in larger exhibitions including the Paisley Art Institute, The Royal Glasgow Institute and the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour.

Gail Stirling Robertson

Gail has always been a drawn to things out of the ordinary. From childhood she had a fascination with the more unusual artwork found on album covers and in storybooks, particularly the work of Rodney Matthews and Roger Dean which still amuse and inspire her. With no formal training, Gail had made her own way into the art world, painting the places that she loves but always with that whimsical edge and a nod to the illustrators who kindled her love of art. Gail lives in Dunning, Perthshire with her husband and two children.

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