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When you purchase a piece of art you not only support an artisan, you support a story, an idea, and maybe even a person’s livelihood. You make culture matter, give people meaning, and foster communities and local economies.

For Marc, his role as a gallery owner has been grounded in building community and fostering his passion for the arts. Originally from Edinburgh, he was immersed in the art world at a very early age when he started working with his father in the picture framing business. During the next two decades, Marc expanded the business and offerings with the help of his family, by opening two galleries in the city centre. The family business expanded into specialising in the exhibiting of contemporary Scottish art and fine art publishing, serving clients across the country. 


The sudden death of his father in 1999, the bedrock of so much in Marc, as well as the business, led Marc to make many changes in his life. These changes eventually culminated in the purchase of The Atholl Gallery in 2006, a gallery Marc knew well. The charm of Dunkeld and its local community coupled with the reputation of the gallery, provided Marc with an opportunity to build on the gallery’s 20 years of showcasing and selling the best of Scottish contemporary art. 


Atholl gallery’s reputation for quality and variety is underpinned by an extensive and ever changing selection of ceramics, glass, jewellery, sculpture, woodcraft, unusual furniture, metalwork, and an extensive range of high quality signed limited edition Giclee prints. The gallery holds several exhibitions each year showcasing local artisans, emerging talent and well-known Scottish artists. Each work reflects a deeper meaning and nuance - an impression that feeds culture or perhaps a narrative of our world. Whatever it may evoke, you will take home a unique memento -  a piece of Scotland and its people.

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