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Catherine Rayner


Catherine employs the use of subtle colour and tone whilst playing with scale, composition and open space to create paintings and silk-screen prints of animals.

Her creatures are brought to life using spontaneous and vivacious line that explores movement and personality. With effortless flow Catherine’s artwork conveys the natural habitat and beauty of creatures many of us take for granted. Facial expressions illustrate curiosity whilst the animals’ postures suggest that they have simply strayed into the frame and might just as easily leave it again.

The space Catherine allows her subjects to exist in provides a powerful and sometimes poignant backdrop. Primarily it offers an uninterrupted view of the subject’s carefully studied form. Perhaps more importantly however, it asks of the viewer that they use their own intuition, prompting them to contemplate what lies both within and beyond the frame. In effect, this space acts as an imaginative springboard that invites the viewer into the image to explore it for themselves.

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