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Graham Horsham

Wood and Furniture

I have worked with wood within the building industry for over 40 years starting as an apprentice aged 16. The various aspects of carpentry using predominantly handtools, influences how I work on pieces today.

Outwith my working day I have enjoyed using my skills to produce various pieces of work. This includes, amongst other things, steel string acoustic guitars, rocking chairs, mirrors and various pieces of furniture, thus giving me the opportunity to use my imagination and design thoughts.

The work I am currently producing is using the beauty of a number of Scottish woods – Elm, Ash, Oak and Yew to name a few. I take great pleasure in the process. Taking rough sawn boards through the stages of first dressing then sanding or scraping to a finish. During these stages you become aware of the beauty that lies within a piece of wood, a grain pattern or colour change. However, the point where I add the finish – oil, wax or polish – is very exciting. The true qualities of the wood reveal themselves.

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