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Kirsty Dingwall


Kirsty is a self taught artist, originally from the Scottish Highlands, and now living in Perthshire where she creates most of her work. Kirsty has a great love for nature, and her works are predominately contemporary landscapes, inspired by the natural surroundings.

Kirsty spends many hours in the natural outdoors, absorbing the landscape and its relationship with light. Her works are typically created through the imagination, and are rather more a collection of her interpretations, translated through colour, mixed media and bold textures. Her work may be described as a series of feelings, mood and emotions, grounded by the raw elements of nature.

Light plays the main role in her work, and the use of contrasting colours help to achieve this. Most of her works are created in acrylics, and she enjoys all aspects of creation, from the initial idea at the outset, and the change in direction which spontaneously occurs during the process of most works.

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