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Lesley McLaren


My paintings reflect the fascination I have with the natural world, mostly that which surrounds me in my immediate environment. I live in the Scottish Borders, where the landscape and light is beautiful and varied – a rich source of inspiration, from Belted Galloway cattle to Scottish Blackface sheep, barn owls to wrens. I live in a small community beside a busy farm where there is an abundance of subjects to paint.

As well as the Scottish landscape, animal and bird life I have a love of indoor objects of beauty too. With my window scenes I try to bring the outside in so that there is a merging of environments; perhaps a blackbird or barn owl who tries his luck or a creeping vine meandering towards the window sill. A large bouquet of flowers deepens the link between interior and exterior. Usually a table holds carefully placed individual objects, each with its own story to tell, but also part of the whole coming together of the scene.

I also love my garden, and all the life in it. I’m lucky enough to see badgers, foxes and an incredible assortment of birds….all of which find their way into my art work!

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