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Madeleine Davenport


Madeleine was born in Edinburgh in 1960. She graduated with an M.A. Hons. in Fine Art, awarded jointly between the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art in 1983.

Madeleine works in both the mediums of oil and watercolour and was elected as a professional member of Visual Arts Scotland in 2004.

'My watercolour paintings are made using an exacting process which involves building up washes of pigment to achieve a translucent and rich surface ideally suited to reflect the colours and textures I find in the Scottish fishing ports which appear in many of my paintings. Likewise in my oil paintings I exploit layers of glazes to build up strong but subtle images. I aim to explore spatial effects through drawing and tonality.'

Madeleine’s work has been exhibited regularly at the Royal Scottish Academy, Visual Arts Scotland, and the RSW annual exhibitions as well as in public art spaces and private galleries throughout Scotland.

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