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Moira Third


I am a professional Artist and maker working from my home studio in Glenmuick, a beautiful, romantic highland Glen in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park. I studied Fine Art at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen and have both an Honours and a Masters degree from my time there.Inspired by a romantic idea of North ( not difficult considering where I live), I make embroidered wall mounted and 3D artworks which are minimal, serene and contemplative. A sense of simplicity is at the heart of my work.
I lost my hearing after a viral infection, my world suddenly became silent and insular, I try to convey the silence in every piece I make. I also try not to let my disability define who I am nor what I want to experience in life, but it can be a challenge. The white hare present in much of my work is an analogy for change and adaptability.

I spend a lot of time outdoors, if I’m not stitching I’m reading, walking. I am surrounded by natural beauty, wildlife abounds, birch trees and pinewoods stretch down from the mountains to the fast flowing river with its waterfalls and pools, wildflowers line the riverbank and are to be found in the woods and the moors. There is also a rich history of human occupation, from medieval towers to deserted crofts and townships- plenty to feed my imagination.

I begin each piece in my Sketchbook or on my iPad, I am rarely found without one or the other.
Using acrylic paints I paint directly onto artists canvas, before layering with millions of tiny stitches, using just the needle and thread, guided by hand, using my domestic sewing machine as a drawing tool. Each piece is inherently unique. I like the idea of the painting being hidden away behind the stitches, allowing only an occasional glimpse.I have been stitching in this way for many( many) years, keeping it simple.

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