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Stephen Hayward

Wood and Furniture

Sculptor Steve Hayward of Hilton, Easter Ross, is best known for his 10 foot sculpture of a mermaid that adorns the rocks at the fishing village of Balintore. Hayward was also commissioned to carve two giant wooden replicas of the Lewis Chessmen for the community of Uig in Lewis.

He started carving in 1984 whilst serving as an officer in the merchant navy and went full time as a carver and sculptor in 1992. He began selling his work at home and soon began to receive commissions from overseas including high relief decorative panels for restaurants in Florida.

The 1.5 tonne Lewis Chessmen are among the largest of his commissions but he also creates small decorative pieces including intricate spoons and Celtic work. The wooden chessmen were based on the 93 walrus ivory Norse chessmen found nearby in 1831. Most are now in the British Museum in London with some remaining in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

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