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The Wood brothers (aptly named!) specialise in making unique and bespoke furniture and products that tell a story. They use trees native to Perthshire and enjoy seeing potential in unusual pieces of wood that may be over looked by others; finding potential and letting each individual piece of wood lead the design.


The timber used in the products start as a hand-picked tree allowing them to choose exactly what they need based on elements such as species, grade, shape and size. Once felled, each tree is milled using a wood-mizer mobile saw mill in order to utilise the grain for the best combination of aesthetics and strength.  Next, each planked tree is moved into a hand built kiln for drying. The drying process is closely monitored to ensure the wood remains high quality and defect free. Once the timber has dried to our satisfaction, it is ready to be hand crafted into beautiful unique products!


Size: 34x10cm

Ash Bowl

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